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Motivational Interviewing

is a therapeutic and a communication approach focused on supporting the inner motivation of people to change their behaviours. The approach has good empirical support and is mainly used in social, medical, educational, justice or commercial settings – eg. in work with drug or alcohol dependent people, with eating disorders, tobacco dependency, to support changes in lifestyle, in probation work, with adolescents or to support transformation in companies.

Czech association for MI

an association of MI trainers that aims to spread information and good practice of motivational interviewing in Czech Republic. The association organizes trainings, seminars, and lectures on MI, supports publishing activities and cooperation with other subjects. The web pages should serve as a source of information, contacts and of inspiration for those who are interested in MI, for training participants, and other professionals.


Our trainers offer comprehensive trainings in MI (see below), trainings adapted to the needs and conditions of specific organizations, lectures, or trainings designed to focus only on certain aspects of MI. We also offer consultations for organizations or individuals, skill supervision for training participants, and project cooperation.

Our standard MI training is a 72hour training program, based on the model of Miller, Rollnick (1991) and developed by T. Larkin and J. Lundberg and our trainers. It encompasses comprehensive training in motivational interviewing and exercises focused on important issues directly connected to the motivational interviewing spirit, as prejudices, assumptions, boundaries, values, or personal agendas. Rather than on theory, it is oriented on learning from experience and skill building. Cooperation among participants in the group and connection to real problems is another characteristic. Training has four parts (4+3+3+2 days), approximately 6 months apart. The last phase focuses on MI proficiency supervision based on case presentations and role-play.


Jan Soukup
email: honzasoukup@yahoo.com
cell.: +420 602 342 426

Sdružení pro motivační rozhovory 2008

Motivational interviewing